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Double Vision

Stunt Doubles
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I came up with the idea for this community, after viewing a thread online where people posted pictures of various celebrities who resembled one another. With all of the popularity of celebrity based communities popping up all over LJ, I.E. howtheylooknow and ohnotheydidnt, I thought this one might garner a fair amount of interest as well.

As this community is focused around "celebrities", please try to keep your posts confined to exactly that...celebrities.
These people don't have to necessarily be "actors" or "actresses", but make sure that are someone that is frequently in the public
eye and would be easily recognized by your everyday member of the community.

Acceptable people would be :

TV Personalities

You get the picture...

The current moderator of this community is lazerlove.
I will most likely add on new mods though as the community begins to grow.

There is no application process, and membership is "open"...simply join the community, and that's all there is to it.
After joining the community, feel free to post as frequently as you like...but please observe the rules found below when posting :


1. First and foremost - please stay on topic.

2. Check the memories section before making a post. Once 2 celebrities have been used - they will be displayed there. Please do not duplicate a previous post.

3. You are though, more than welcome to make a post including a celebrity used before, as long as they are not being compared to the person originally used *see Rule #1*

Example :


    Natalie Portman                       Keira Knightley

In this case - you would not duplicate a post about Natalie Portman and Keira resembling one another,
although you could make a post including Natalie Portman and someone different.

Such as...


    Natalie Portman                       Jessi Klein


4. Please limit the look-a-likes to TWO people per post. The main purpose of this, is to make it
a little easier on the moderators when adding an entry into memories.

5. If you are not using an LJ-cut, please try to keep the largest dimension of any pictures you use under 600 pixels.

6. Label your pictures. We want to know the names of the people you are posting about.

7. No flaming, spamming or trolling. Flaming is inappropriate attacks on other users. Spamming is off-topic posts, especially off-topic posts promoting anything at all. Trolling is saying something for the purpose of starting a flame-war. All three of these actions will get you banned on the spot.

8. No nudity. If there is something that does not contain nudity, but you feel still might be a little racy for your everyday cubicle surfer - please make sure to put the image behind an LJ-cut with the text "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work).

9. Warnings and bans. Any infractions of these rules (namely #s 1, 5 & 6)will result in a warning from the moderator. There is no second warning. Second offenders will be banned outright.